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We “Pink” DeFi with our Ecosystem: Pinksale.finance (decentralized launchpad)

Assure Defi

Pioneer and market leader of the most trusted project KYC verification in crypto. Add community trust, credibility, and visibility by getting verified today!


Save the Nunu, save the forest! Play fun games, plant real trees with enhanced rewards on our web3 portal.

Crypto Miner

We are talking about serious business! AMA & SpacesHost | Creator of Binance. Partner PinkSale.

Crypto Challenger

AMAs | Calls | News


Find Trending Project Auctions & Early Stage Projects

Crypto Eagles

Best Marketing Agency. We are your one-stop marketing solution offering Binance Live AMA🎙️, Twitter Spaces🐦, KOLs🔑, Ads🎯, Giveaways🎁 & Airdrops💰.


On the way to build numerous products that will empower IT Industry in upcoming years.