Dear members of Miraverse,

Today, we wish to inform you of an important decision we have made regarding our sale.

We understand that this may raise questions and concerns, but we want to emphasize that this is not an end but rather a temporary setback. We remain committed to realizing our vision and creating a flawless sales experience for you.

To achieve this goal, here are the steps we will be taking:

1. Obtaining the SAFU Badge: We consider the security of our investors a top priority. We will work tirelessly to obtain the SAFU badge, thereby ensuring an optimal level of security for our community.

2. Obtaining the Dox Badge: Transparency is essential to earning your trust. We are committed to obtaining the Dox badge to prove our dedication to full transparency in our operations.

3. Tokenomics Update: We acknowledge that there have been concerns regarding information about our token. We will review and update our tokenomics to address these issues and provide better clarity for all our investors.

4. New Partnerships:
We will actively work on establishing new strategic partnerships that will strengthen our position in the market and offer fresh opportunities for our community.

5. Community Development: Our community is at the core of everything we do. We will continue to invest in the development of our community, providing you with valuable information and resources to make informed decisions.

We want to thank you for your trust and ongoing support. This decision is made with the aim of ensuring the long-term success of our project and maintaining a safe and transparent environment for all.

We will keep you updated on the progress we make in achieving these objectives. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We are here for you.

Stay tuned for exciting updates to come. Together, we will build a stronger and more prosperous future.


CEO of Miraverse


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MIRA, your trusted ally
for the analysis of crypto projects.

Mira Team


CEO / Scientific director


Cyber security manager


Communication manager


Art director

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AFR community representative


Marketing Manager




Each project is characterized by its ambition, illustrated through its technology. What is the use of our technology, Mira, amid this growing universe?

We are seeing an exponential upsurge in cryptocurrency ventures with a profit-oriented lens, exploiting the inexperience of investors. It has been estimated that 14 billion dollars were stolen in 2021, twice as much as the previous year.

It is also worth noting the explosion of many centralized finance platforms, whose role is nevertheless meant to be those of a safeguard. The vacuity and greed of their leaders serve as common denominators between these 2 alarming findings, once again abusing the confidence of investors.

Losses estimated at up to 50 billion dollars are thus attributed to the latest scandal.

Mira was then imagined as the response to the need highlighted for each investor to have a trusted ally at his side, guiding him in his choices at all times without ever failing him, and working solely for his interests. However, our ambitions do not stop there.

Thanks to Mira, we want to create a welcoming and secure universe, where each of you will have its place:


More than a learning and communicating space, we want to bring you the keys to your success in the cryptocurrency sphere.

With this in mind, we will go as far as to support you personally in the implementation of your projects, as ambitious as they may be.

Road Map 2023 / 2024


✔ Website launch

✔ Publication of the white paper

✔ Telegram channel creation

✔ Audiovisual support broadcast

✔ Social networks creation

✔ Advertisement campaign


✔ Partnerships research

✔ ICO (initial coin offering)

✔ Miraverse Token deployment

- Pancakeswap listing

- Coingeko listing

- CMC listing


- Development of Mira

✔ Marketing campaign

✔ Partnership agreement

- Listing statement

- Mirachain Fundamental publishing


- The inauguration of Mira

- Mirachain development begins

- Miraverse development begins

- MiraverseNFT opening


- MiraverseNFT deployment

- Major event on Kepler

- Miraverse unveiling

- Mirachain unveiling

Who is Mira ?

Mira is our artificial intelligence, and its function is to support investors. By its essence, its analysis is perfectly objective, taking into account only the numerous data made available to it.

This neutrality is the strength of our tool, which will then always provide you with a reliable judgment, free from bias.

How are these analyses carried out ?

Mira’s working method revolves around data mining. Using these data allows Mira to define the reliability level of a project.

This operation allows Mira to take into account all relevant information related to the security of an ecosystem, although this information is present across multiple platforms.

Thus, it will be possible, for our artificial intelligence, to cross all this information and establish a coherent security score. We can tell that it simulates human behavior or faculty, but without consciousness. It is a particularly powerful tool because it can automate tasks.

Operation of a diagnosis by Mira


The creation of Miraverse

The metaverse is a universe that goes beyond the one we know. It is a structured and open virtual world.

Mira has developed its metaverse, a limitless space ruled by its principles.

The Miraverse

By joining this welcoming and fun universe, you will be projected on Kepler, a planet where you will be able to make your entrepreneurial wishes come true. Developing your skills has never been so fun, thanks to the Miraverse.

Welcome to Kepler

Upon your arrival, you will have the opportunity to define your avatar’s visual characteristics. From your hair size to the color of your eyes, it’s up to you to decide who you will be in this new world.

This unique avatar is linked to your NFT, and just like you, it evolves. Thus, owning a NFT Miraverse is the only requirement to access the Miraverse, in addition to granting other exclusive privileges to its holder. You will be able to access the Miraverse through our app.

NFT Mira

In addition to giving you access to an extraordi nary universe, these NFTs will grant you significant advantages within our ecosystem. These advantages are scalable. In this way, we want to reward your commitment.

The five different stages of progression of your NFT are illustrated by the appearance of its frame and emblem. Thus, the perks you get will be based on your current NFT rank.

Ranks presentation

As you progress through Miraverse, you will be able to evolve your NFT. When you get your NFT, his rank is the lowest, Mission Specialist I. The SpaceForce Admiral V rank is the most difficult to obtain, but also the one that will give you the most attractive advantages.

Other substantial benefits will be added to your NFTs as our ecosystem develops.

Mission Specialist I

(Contest participation)
+ (Emission participation)
+ (Miraverse free access)
+ (Mira tool access)

Rocket Engineer II

(Contest participation)
+ (Emission participation)
+ (Miraverse free access)
+ (Mira tool access)
+ (staking reward increase +1%)

Space Explorer III

(Contest participation)
+ (Emission participation)
+ (Miraverse free access)
+ (Mira tool access)
+ (staking reward
increase +2%)

Orbital Commander IV

(Contest participation)
+ (VIP show participation)
+ (Miraverse free access)
+ (Mira tool access)
+ (staking reward increase +5%)

SpaceForce Amiral V

(Contest participation)
+ (VIP show participation)
+ (Miraverse free access)
+ (Mira tool access)
+ (staking reward increase +15%)
+ (ecosystem decision voting right)


To improve your NFT’s characteristics, you can join multiple activities from Miraverse score. Each one of these activities is unique and allows you to invest in Mira’s ecosystem and be rewarded for it. Thus, whatever your profile and your current skills are, you will always be at your place within our universe.