Welcome to Mira-Network’s program

This program is aimed at all our current and coming partners.

Through this program, we are going to show you all the benefits you will receive by joining MiraTec.

The Mira-Network program goes hand in hand with the Apollon X and Apollon X+ programs.

Each project allocates part of its funds to promotional campaigns, intending to attract new investors, and consequently, to develop.

Investors are the main actors in project development.

It is therefore necessary for a start-up seeking to develop, to establish agreements leading to services. However, it is just as important for a start-up to consider its resources as precious and to use them sparingly.

The management and use of these resources are issues that are then imposed on new startups.

Thanks to our Mira-Network program, startups that have joined our incubation program will be supported and advised by our marketing experts. Also, each of the startups joining MiraTec will work closely with our partners.

As mentioned in your membership contract, each start-up integrating our incubation program will have to collaborate with our partners for a minimum period of 2 years, from the contract’s signature date.

First part of the program


Each project is mandated to organize fundraisers. Our partner PinkSale will help you to do so, through its launch platform.

PinkSale will also look after you at all stages:

Audit of smart contracts
Creation of smart contracts
Preparation of the public sale

Among other services that will allow you to boost and extend the reach of your communication.

After these 2 years, you will be free to proceed, or not, with your collaboration with PinkSale.

These substantial benefits come at a cost, but MiraTec and its incubation & marketing program will help.

Indeed, start-ups developing through our incubation program will confer 10 % of their business share to MiraTec.

However, by granting 10 % of additional shares, MiraTec will fully finance all the services you request from our partners.

This offer will be subject to a rigorous security audit, to guarantee the integrity of all our members.

Second part of the program

The second part of our marketing program concerns the promotion of our members’ startups.

In this way, we want to strengthen our links with our members, by making you work with us, rather than for us.

As you may know, our ambition is to schedule our show, Kepler TV. This show will cover all the cryptographic news and will address the most sensitive topics of the moment.

This show will also be an opportunity to highlight our partners, through commercial breaks:
For 30 to 40 seconds, you will then be propelled in front of thousands of spectators!

In addition, advertising spots will be installed in our Miraverse, in plain view of all our users. These spots will also be visible on our website and our application, during loading times. Finally, these spots will be integrated into our YouTube videos.

So, dear partners, MiraTec offers you the opportunity to benefit from your respective sector’s monopoly :

✅ Marketing
✅ Launch platform
✅ Development
✅ Audit
✅ Law
✅ Design

As you will have understood, our ambition is to raise Miratec to the level of the greatest institutions of the coming decades.

Will you be by our side?