What is the X-Apollon program?

Hello dear traveler,
I hope your trip in the Eagle and/or Hawk spacecraft is going smoothly. Our destination, planet Kepler, is still far away. It allows us to introduce you to our incubation program.
X-Apollon Program


An idea ?

We will mentor you and help you to realize your ideas on the MiraverseChain.


Through Miraverse, developed by MiraTec, you will be able to join the X-Apollon program. This program will provide you with every tool required to develop your project.


Usually, your programming skills impede the realization of your project. Frustration is then the only result of your ideas. Frustration is then the only result of your ideas.

Every idea is exceptional, but we rarely have the skills to make it come true. That’s why we want our AI Mira to teach you.

She will provide you with every resource needed to master your skills. Mira will then provide you with all the necessary resources to do so.

You will be able to learn and understand the most popular coding languages such as Solidity / C++ / Java / and more, playfully. You will then become an enterprising learner.


Despite popular belief, we assume that everyone must have a chance to make a change. Thanks to MiraTec, each individual is now legitimate to undertake. There is only one criterion for it: practice.

Many project leaders choose to subcontract. Useful to spare time, but mostly to overcome their lack of knowledge and support. Thereby, the first step of the X-Apollon Program allows you to make history in your likeness.


You want to make your idea a reality, through MiraverseChain.

A workspace will be assigned to you by the X-Appolon program, such as Remix Project, Prysm, and other platforms. But thanks to our program, you will not be alone.

Your greatest ally Mira will be by your side at all times. Mira will not solely report your mistakes: you will be studying under her tutelage. Her benevolence will change your weaknesses into your greatest strength.

Development and presentation
of the X-Apollon+ program

NFTMiraverse owners benefit from secret functions incorporated in their NFT. Forgotten and overlooked, investors have too often been sidelined in the crypto sphere. Your NFT grants you voting rights that you can use during our

Mirawards ceremony in which the greatest actors of the Miraverse community will be rewarded. In a future report, I will present Mirawards ceremony’s details. For now, note that this event will allow 3 high-potential start-ups to join the X-Apollon+ program. Be aware that this event will allow 3 high-potential start-ups to join the X-Apollon+ program.

Thus your NFT grants you voting rights to choose one project that will integrate the X-Apollon+ program. You will participate to a second ballot with Miraverse’s team members

to give another project a chance to join our program.

Finally, a third project will be selected solely by our collaborators and us.

Through the X-Apollon+ program, selected start-ups will be invited to join our establishment where technologies, research teams, and engineers are gathered. They will oversee your work and guide you in the realization of your project, without constraining you. The main purpose of these experts is to bring an outside view to your project and to help you to develop it according to your expectations.

MiraTec’s excellence is not an option. Then, a teaching team will also be allotted to you.

Its objective is to answer your slightest schooling needs, whether it is in communication, technological or technical field.

A promising project with disastrous communication will have difficulties to expand. Equally, a project with excellent communication skills with low technical qualities will not be able to rise and be sustainable over time.


Once phase 5 of our Roadmap is complete, transaction fees will be dedicated to the XApollon+ program.

Every year, said fees will be stored in a development wallet. A weekly report will guarantee the traceability of funds thus collected.

In return, MiraTec will keep 10% of these start-ups’ shares rising thanks to the XApollon+ program.

Over time, funds generated through these shares will contribute to the growth of future start-ups. This will allow us to gradually reduce transaction costs for all users.

MiraTec’s DNA and philosophy revolve around training future entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Thus, the safety aspect of each project coming out of MiraTec will be reinforced.

Finally, lack of training and supervision have often caused disasters in the crypto sphere.

Education has to be made simple and accessible to all.

This is the purpose of the XApollon+ program.

Welcome to MiraTec